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For organisations that provide community transport at Christmas, it isn’t just about helping members of their community; it can also be about enabling members of their community to help others.

Crosshouse Action Now Community Company Limited has done just this, teaming up with the Blythswood Care Group in Glasgow.

Crosshouse Action takes older people in their area to a Social Activities and Leisure Group which is held every week in the parish church hall. They don’t have a minibus but they use their cars to transport their passengers. “We are finding more and more people wishing to attend,” said John McHarg, Chairperson of the organisation, “and it now takes three cars to make sure all of our citizens arrive on time.”

“Having been able to witness what happens at this group I can report that it’s wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of some older people and others doing exercises while sitting in a chair. They also spend time knitting; doing arts and crafts; playing board games like large dominoes, connect four and carpet bowls; as well as using a musical bingo machine to entertain all of them. Our oldest member is 95 years young and many others are not far behind this person’s age.”

This year, some of those that have attended the Social Activities and Leisure Group have knitted blankets, vests and hats that have been donated to the Blythswood Care Group. Their wonderful knitwear is being sent to vulnerable children and adults in Romania as gifts this Christmas.

The work that Crosshouse Action does all year round gives members of their communities access to recreation and friendship and, this Christmas, it gives their passengers the opportunity to send some Christmas cheer to those in a community half a world away from their own.

If you have any community transport Christmas stories let us know by emailing tom@ctauk.org 

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