International Women’s Day 2016

Charlotte Banner

Today marks one month until International Women’s Day 2016. It’s a day to celebrate the role of women and at the CTA, to celebrate the role of women in community transport.

The Community Transport sector significantly outperforms the commercial sector in representation of women: the ratio of male to female heads of community transport organisations is 3:2 which compares favourably to the gender balance for managerial positions across the passenger transport sector where only 24% of managers are women, a ratio of 3:1.

Of course it’s not just in managerial positions where women make such a difference: from volunteer drivers to mechanics to chief executives, women work every day, across the UK, to ensure that transport is inclusive and accessible for all.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, and to recognise that even in our sector the push for equality still goes on,  we’d love women working in community transport to tell us their transport stories.

What does it mean to you to be involved in transport? How do we ensure the next generation of women want to get involved?

I have always been in awe of how transport can be used to improve people’s lives, but my grandmother was my inspiration and helped me understand what community meant. You can read more of my transport story here.

Now as a mother of two daughters, I understand the importance of inspiring the next generation and at the CTA we’d love for you to get in touch and tell us your own community transport story and why you #lovetransport.

You can send your story to me at I can’t wait to hear from you!

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