Putting accessible and inclusive transport at the heart of HS2

Charlotte Banner

Charlotte Hughes, Director of External Relations at the Community Transport Association, invites HS2 to work together with communities in order to put accessibility and inclusivity at the heart of the infrastructure project.

It is hard not to be impressed and excited with the key facts about High Speed 2:

  • “We haven’t built a new railway north of London for over 120 years.”
  • “HS2 will link 8 of Britain’s 10 largest cities, serving 1 in 5 of the UK population.”

David Higgins said that “HS2 must also help change the way we deliver infrastructure in this country so we can reap the benefits for future projects.”

For Community Transport Association members’ end service users, their journey is not simply ‘seat to street’ – it’s sometimes ‘how do I get out of the house, and who can help me do this?’

We want to work with major infrastructure projects like HS2 because today, in 2016, a high percentage of passengers encounter barriers to entering a station, buying a ticket or boarding a train or bus – which, if you are not living with a disability, under 65, and in employment, you will probably take for granted as part of your everyday life.

To read the full blog, head over to Rail Technology Magazine: http://www.railtechnologymagazine.com/The-Sleepers-Daily-Blog/putting-accessible-and-inclusive-transport-at-the-heart-of-hs2

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