Member Profile: Harborough Community Bus


Harborough Community Bus is a small local charity based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, whose objective is the provision of a charitable transport service for community groups or individuals living in the area, who are in need of such a service because of age, sickness, disability or poverty.

Although HCB started as a charity in 2016, it was formed by the merger of two other community transport operators that had been doing the same sort of thing in the Harborough area for over 40 years. These were the Market Harborough Community Service Vehicle Fund and The People’s Accessible Transport for Harborough, or PATH as it was known.

During 2015, the trustees of the Community Service Vehicle Fund and PATH decided to join the two groups together to form Harborough Community Bus. The merger was designed to give greater resilience to the services being provided, creating a larger group of volunteers and pooling resources.

A new constitution for Harborough Community Bus was agreed, and HCB was registered with the charity commission!

August 2016 saw the beginning of services under the HCB name and also saw the delivery of a new minibus under the Department for Transport’s Community Minibus Fund. We were thrilled when Transport Minister Andrew Jones MP and Bill Freeman from the Community Transport Association visited HCB to handover the keys to the new bus. They met our members, volunteers and trustees in what really was a wonderful celebration of our new charity.

Examples of members and the transport they receive include:

  • Residents groups once a month to local pubs for lunch
  • Church groups to a weekly social event for tea and cards
  • Youth organisations to regular events
  • Disabled group to a weekly club night
  • Day trips to local towns or garden centres
  • Groups for walking, crafting, bowls, commemoration services etc.

Like many other community transport operators, we are a charity run entirely by volunteers including all of our drivers. We’re proud of how motivated our volunteers are to help people locally who would otherwise have  difficulty getting out.

It’s a privilege to be Chairman of Harborough Community Bus and to see the difference it makes to people in our community.

Please contact me for any further information:

John Feavyour QPM

Chairman HCB

07736 085622

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