Introducing Together, the Journal of the Community Transport Association

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In the last issue of 2016 we mentioned that the CTA Journal would be undergoing a re-design to make it a bolder, clearer and more engaging publication. As part of this process we’ve also given it a new name. I’d like to introduce you to Together, the Journal of the Community Transport Association:


So why the name change and re-design? Last year we launched our new mission and vision: a framework for how we are going to work to support the community transport sector over the next four years.

As part of our work to bring our communications in line with this, we decided that we wanted a fresh look for the CTA Journal. We also decided on a new name for the publication that reflects what we’re trying to achieve as an organisation and as a sector. That new name is Together.

The name represents what is at the heart of our sector: the fact that community transport is about bringing people together. It’s about communities all over the UK standing up and working tirelessly to make sure that no one is denied access to the transport they need because of their circumstances.

It also represents the fact that at the CTA we are about bringing people together to work towards this common goal. Whether this is partnering with commercial organisations to create new opportunities for community transport, working with our members to contribute to consultations and inform policy, or telling the stories of the life changing work that our members do, we work Together to realise a world where people can shape and create their own accessible and inclusive transport solutions.

The first issue of Together is now out, we hope you enjoy it! 

Together is free to CTA members who can access an online copy via the members area of the CTA website. Non members can get a year’s subscription (four issues) for £50. Contact for more information.

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