What’s different about this year’s England Roadshow?

Charlotte Banner

Every spring we run roadshow events around England. In recent years the programme has included a bit of everything we do, but this year, based on your feedback, we are introducing a new focus to the programme.

The first thing we were asked to do is provide you with some clearer and better choices about which CTA events best fit your interests and needs. We run a range of events across the year so we have the chance to make each have a distinct purpose and differentiate them from each other.

This may mean that some people might not see the appeal of certain events but that’s pretty normal within membership bodies.

The second thing we have been asked to do is provide more opportunities to talk about everyday management issues and developments in running a CT operation.

Add to that your feedback about wanting more structured learning and chances to network with each other and we have a recipe for a new approach to running our roadshow events.

A new approach

We’ve decided to sharpen the focus of the roadshow to create learning and networking experiences for practitioners within CT operators and those working in local authorities that provide hands-on support to their local CTs. CTA staff will facilitate these exchanges of good practice and throw in some of our ideas as well.

So the roadshow events are for you if:

  1. You are an employee, trustee or volunteer in a hands-on role in within a charity or community group that delivers transport or if you work for a local authority supporting community transport in your area.
  2. You would appreciate and benefit from a chance to refresh your knowledge, skills and behaviours with like-minded people.
  3. You are open to new ideas and spending a day being curious and creative.

Creating this new focus means a couple of things:

  • We won’t look at strategy and policy but these get a lot of attention and involvement through other activities all year round.
  • It is also better that you have the information to make a choice rather than turn up without that insight and be disappointed that it wasn’t what you expected. Our advice is there’s not much point in coming if you don’t fit into the above – not only will you not get much from the day, you might affect how much others enjoy it to.

Your programme

Advice Line Live

In this session, led by Amanda Howard our Advice and Member Services Manager, we focus on common advice questions about current legislation and how to apply this in running your organisation and services.

Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

This session offers practical help and advice on volunteer recruitment including looking at how to build an effective volunteer strategy, tips on retaining existing volunteers as well as sharing best practice amongst participants.

Partnerships and funding

Whilst there is no silver bullet when it comes to the issue of funding, this session will help members consider new opportunities, develop new skills and share best practice.

We are running the following events:

Midlands Rodashow: Birmingham, 03 May

South West Roadshow: Bristol, 17 May

East of England Roadshow: Cambridge, 24 May

Northern Roadshow: Leedsn 31 May

South East Roadshow: Brighton, 07 June

Please note that even those these events are free to CTA members, you still have to book online or we won’t be able to admit you to the venue. 

Book your place here. 

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