We’re proud about Community Transport – we need to shout about it

Charlotte Banner

We should not forget how difficult things are for charities in the current climate, but we can all agree that it is healthy to celebrate the achievements of those we care about. However, when was the last time you celebrated your own accomplishments?

Community Transport Association spends all of its time focused on championing accessible and inclusive transport, being loud and clear about the work of community transport and our members from all parts of the UK.

Triumphs can happen every day and we want you to share this good news with us! We often think of achieving large goals as the sole reason for celebration, but small victories are just as important.

What amazes us about you!

In all parts of the UK, on every day of the year – including Christmas Day – you, your staff and volunteers are helping people to stay independent, participate in their communities and to access vital services and employment.

You are providing flexible and accessible community-led solutions in response to unmet local transport needs, and often represent the only means of transport for many vulnerable and isolated people.

Your services are more than minibuses, typical services include voluntary car schemes, community bus services, school/hospital transport, dial-a-ride, wheels to work and group hire services. Most services are demand-responsive, taking people from door to door, but a growing number are offering scheduled services along fixed routes where conventional bus services are not available.

Community Transport works to a different business model to commercial passenger transport services – i.e. it is always run for a social purpose and community benefit, but never for a profit – it often a more reliable and resilient way of ensuring a broader range of transport needs can be met.

Your services have significant importance in supporting personal independence and tackling isolation. It also offers benefits to local authorities and other public bodies. An example is in health, where the CTA survey of operators found that 74 per cent of operators were enabling people to access health services, but only 24 per cent received any funding from the health bodies benefiting from this.

Take a look at #CommunityTransport on Twitter to see more of what makes us proud!

We have 1,600 members across the UK and we want to hear about your successes and achievements and what makes you proud of your work!

Even if you don’t tell us, please take a moment to think about something positive you made happen, and be proud of yourself.

Tell us your thoughts: hello@ctauk.org

One thought on “We’re proud about Community Transport – we need to shout about it”

  1. We have just provided transport for 82 Grimsby & Cleethorpes residents who live alone to attend an Easter Day lunch provided by the ‘Not Home Alone’ charity. Not only did they enjoy their wonderful lunch, many made new friends to ease their loneliness. This is what it is all about and, yes, I am very proud and privileged to be a part of it.


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