Transport Select Committee Inquiry: Your Response


On 10 October 2017, Lilian Greenwood MP, Chair of the  Transport Select Committee in the UK Parliament launched an inquiry into the licencing arrangements for community transport in the light of the Department for Transport’s 31 July letter on Section 19/22 Permits and driver licencing.

In a recent blog for members we encouraged all community transport providers and those who support and care about what we do to respond to this Inquiry.  By responding to the inquiry you will be helping to build evidence for the Transport Select Committee so that they can have a deeper understanding about the work you do and the positive impact you have on your passengers and your local community. It will also help them understand the risks, costs and consequences of the Department for Transport continuing down the path it has chosen. You may also wish to use your response to start a discussion with your local MP on the impact of these proposed changes.

Please note that this is not the Department for Transport’s consultation, the date and details of which are yet to be announced. We will also be contacting our members in Northern Ireland separately as they operate under a different regulatory regime.

Your Response

To support you in demonstrating your impact to the Transport Select Committee we have put together a guidance document and a response template.

The guidance document provides prompts suggesting the types of information that would helpfully illustrate the nature and value of your services and how any changes to regulations may have an impact on your work in the future.

Download the guidance document

This should be used alongside the response template in order to structure your response in line with the Inquiry’s five lines of questioning.

Download the response template

Next Steps

CTA is currently putting together its formal response to the Committee which will be released for you to read in the coming week.

You can find more details on the Transport Select Committee Inquiry here, and a guide to submitting written evidence to the Inquiry here.


Once you have completed your response please send it to the Transport Select Committee here before Friday 03 November. 

We would love to see your responses – if you would like to share, please email a copy to and if you have any questions or would like any additional guidance please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


2 thoughts on “Transport Select Committee Inquiry: Your Response”

  1. Using voluntary drivers, SMCT helped over 6,000 people access a wide range of activities in 2016. Those benefitting from the service include vulnerable and disadvantaged groups who would otherwise not have the same opportunities as their peers. Our organisation has been an asset to the community for over 30 years. As a member of CTA UK our vehicles operate on section 19 permit. Over the years we have progressed, where other transport projects in the area have closed due to lack of funding. As a registered charity we have been fortunate to secure funding – if licensing was to change it would threaten our operation.


  2. I and four other ladies belong to a friendship group called Cawl a Chan at Canolfan Ni in Corwen, every Tuesday.We are all volunteers and take turns in providing homemade soup and cake for the varied people that come. When this group was first started we had some difficulty having people attend, partly due to transport issues, however, since we have access to the Community bus and volunteer drivers, we have more taking part.Our group is now about 25 strong each Tuesday and we can see the benefit to people who attend, some who have health problems or who are lonely. To keep the bus is a major asset to our group.


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