What would a world #WithoutCT look like to you?

Since the Department for Transport released their consultation on section 19 and 22 permits in February, there has been continued support for community transport.  Passengers, MPs, local authorities and other community groups you support have been united in their opinion that your services are indispensable and that a world without CT is one which would be immeasurably poorer.

The changes proposed by the Department for Transport will affect community transport providers as well as other organisations that provide transport services such as churches, schools, youth groups and charities such as the Scouts, Age UK, Mind or Scope. If you want to find out more about the proposed changes and what they could mean for your organisation, you can click here. 

We want to continue raising the profile of this issue and making the voices of our members and their passengers heard. To bring our messages together we’ve created a template for you to print off and ask your passengers, staff and supporters to write a personal message of what a world without community transport would look like for them. You can click here to download the blank template. 

We’ve also included a couple of examples of the types of messages we’ve received already which you can find here.

Once someone has filled out the template, make sure you take a photo of them holding it and then post it on social media with the hashtag #WithoutCT and send it to tom@ctauk.org. If you don’t have social media, we’ll be happy to post it for you!

If you’re posting your photos on twitter, why not tag your own MP in the message or even ask them to complete a version of their own.

Remember, you can also take a look here for some more suggested ways to get involved, and make sure you respond to the Department’s consultation before it closes on 04th May. You can find CTA’s guidance for responding here.

Please note: Prior to posting images on social media, please get the permission of the person first.

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