The Complete Guide to Apprenticeships for Developers

The Complete Guide to Apprenticeships for Developers

Apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular among millennials as they seek to become employers of the future. Many companies like Amazon, Uber and Goldman Sachs have started to offer apprenticeship programs to their employees.

The benefits of apprenticeships are plentiful: they bring in fresh perspective and new talent, provide valuable work experience that leads towards a career in the tech industry, help bridge the gap between university studies and work life with some part-time training on the side, and enable young people to earn money for college tuition or living expenses as well as learn essential skills that will advance their careers.

How to Find Your First Apprenticeship

If you want to start an apprenticeship, you can find new or available apprenticeships on a job board or in your local community. You can also ask your friends, family members, and work colleagues if they know of any opportunities.

Finding your first apprenticeship is not as easy as it sounds. To get started with finding an apprenticeship, don’t be afraid to call the companies that interest you. Most likely they would have their contact information online. If not, try visiting the company’s website and see if there is anything listed about hiring for the position you are interested in. Even if there is not, simply looking can enable you to discover apprenticeships you hadn’t even thought about at the outset.

What You Need To Know About The Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeships are a unique and different form of learning. Programs are available in various industries, ranging from computer programming to construction. In the program, the apprentice will learn while they work on real-world projects with a mentor. The apprentice will also be paid by their employer and receive university credits for what they learn through the program. In sum, an apprenticeship is a training program for new or prospective employees in which certain skills are learned on the job and then taught to others with supervision from a qualified professional.

Top Companies with Apprenticeships Include Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Tesla

For some companies, apprenticeships are a great way to recruit. Companies like Tesla and Google have been recruiting apprentices in recent years. Others, such as Apple and Amazon, have also been hiring thousands of apprentices.

Apprenticeships are becoming more popular as companies are more aware of the valuable skill sets that they can gain from them. This is mainly because it is less expensive for a company to invest in an apprentice than it would be to hire a full-time worker who already has all the relevant experience needed for the job. At the same time, the apprentice is learning the skills that more experienced workers already have – and that, with a completely fresh perspective on things.

What You Can Expect From Becoming An Apprentice Developer At Apple, Facebook, or Google

Apple, Facebook, and Google are the top tech companies in the world that offer developer internships and apprenticeships to their new recruits. It is a chance for talented students to work at these companies for less than what it costs to go to college.

At Apple, you’ll learn about how macOS works under the hood and take part in events such as WWDC. At Facebook, you’ll get experience working on huge web-scale social networking apps like Instagram or WhatsApp. At Google, you’ll learn how deep learning works and gain experience with their machine learning platform TensorFlow.

The process is often challenging but rewarding for those who overcome it because they gain valuable skillsets for their future careers. It’s not easy to find a developer apprenticeship at these big companies, but it is possible. Such companies are already offering these opportunities for students, so there is no reason why you can’t get your foot in the door.

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